Nouvelles 2011


A big hello from sunny Arad

My period of discouragement really passed. I’m very well, spiritually and physically. My health is good, even if I start to feel tiredness. Because since May, I run in the four corners of Romania… and I delighted to leave with my parents to south of France for Vacation.

In my letter of the new preceding one, I shared you problems of our church planting at Bistreti, in the south of Romania. For us, it is rather difficult to solve these problems because this church is with more than 450 km from my city Arad. Big relational problems in the passed, between them and several presbyteries of our church, involved these current problems. My church delegated to me to solve these problems. Certainly for my calm and patient character. Because one of the solutions proposed by the persons in charge of our church was to close this church planting. Solution which I did not approve. Because for more than 3 years, with young people of our church, we have stuck to the children, teenagers, young people and adults.

In May, with persons in charge of our church, we went several times in Bistreti. At the beginning of June, during one week, I went there alone, to listen to, share and try to find a solution with the members of that church. I can say to you that this week was most difficult spiritually for a very long time. Because my desire was that God changes their frustration and their anger into forgiveness. To speak with love and to show love were the means by which God with licence to find a solution. Here the verse that helped me during all this week, «By this it will be clear to all men that you are my disciples, if you have love
one for another. » (John 13 :35)

When we are confronted with relational problems, it is always necessary to return at the base of what unifies us… the love of god… to love us the ones the others… to forgive… to make disappear our pride and selfishness… all that, Jesus has show it to us while dying on the Cross.

Many peoples has pray during this week and God is really good. I saw in a few days how these people changed attitude and accepted our advises. As Christians, we are called has to be witnesses who we are disciples, children of God. Personally I cannot change the character of the other people. But may be by my testimony, the others can accept that God changes their life and their character.

Here I finished my small preaching… But I had really in heart to share you how God solved the problem of Bistreti.

Here what I did in May and June (you can see the photographs of these activities on my missionary site ):

– On May 8th, in Dezna, with 45 young people of my church, we went one day in the hills, which is to 70 km of Arad. We had one day of sharing and recreation. I occupied myself to prepare the meal of the day. I prepared pig with wine, chicken with caramelized honey, merguezes, mushrooms and potatoes in curlpaper.

– From the 12 May 14th, in Bucharest, with 5 young people in wheelchair, I accompanied and help them with the national sport championship for invalid people. They took part Basket Ball competition (second place), the athletics proof (many medals), with the table tennis (second place) and with tennis. We spent 3 days together very pleasant.

– From the 17 May 21st, in Arad. I held meetings, to discuss Youth for Romania Christ, with Bob Tanner (regional coordinator of YFC Europe for the Central Europe), with Jean Pierre (who is French), his wife Ely (who is Romanian) and Puiu (who is Romanian YFC Chairman). God really led us in our discussions to find solutions how to work together. We went in Zalau to meet Evodia which deals with ministry of YFC Romania whom speak hungarian in Romania. With Evodia, JP and myself, we will work like a team of person in charge in 3 areas. For the moment there is no National director but a team of persons in charge, the three of us.

– Of the 22-26, in Bucharest. Conference for the couples with Gary Chapman and how to manage finances with Gift Christensen. I dealt with during this conference of all the technical part, sound system, light and decoration. Even if this conference were for the couples… I appreciated really well the lesson… which will be useful to me perhaps later…; O)

– Of the 27-28, in Targu Mures. I went to meet JP and Ely to spend 2 days with them and a Suisse missionary. In this area, in September, we will begin activities of YFC Romania, a camp and beginning of Rock Solid Club.

– 29, in Bistreti. With 2 persons in charge of my church, we went in urgency in Bistreti to solve big problems. One needed much patience and calm to alleviate dissatisfactions. I was the regulator during these discussions which certain time were very intense. But God allowed me to keep my calm and He guided me in what I had to say.

– On June 1st, in Lazareni and Arad. It is the National day of the Children in Romania. We organized hours of various activities for the children in 2 different schools, of 8:00 – 11:00 at Lazareni (65 children) and between 17:00 -19:00 at Arad (200 children). These activities were organized in collaboration with the local churches. I dealt of animations and the plays.

– Of the 4 June 10th, in Bistreti. I went there alone to find solutions with the problems of the church of Bistreti. You could read the details above.

– On June 13th, with Arad, Baptism. 28 people of our church were baptized. We organized this baptism in a sports hall because our church is too small, 300 places. More than 2000 people came. It was really a day blessed. All the baptized people were really happy of this holiday for them. I especially dealt of wiring for sound and the lights.

– On June 16th, in Zalau. I went in this city to met Evodia which belongs to voluntary which deals with family having children, young persons with Down Syndrome. I spend a nice day with Evodia and 4 womens who are taking care of 17 persons with Down Syndrome. I get a lot of information because a Spanish foundation wishes to help these families. A very large thank you to Marina and my Colette cousin, who established the first contact. And still large a thank you with Marina who also helps us to find hardware for the camp of the children gipsies and the other assistances which will come.

Here what is planned for at the end of June and for July:

– Of the 17 June 19th, I set out again in Bistreti with a young couple and young people to animate activities for the children, the young people and also to share the Gospel on Sunday morning.

– On June 23rd, I will go to Belgium to join my parents. On Sunday the 26th, we will leave to France for one month. My father cannot drive any more. I have the joy of driving them to their holiday place. I will get a lot of rest but more important is to spent time with my parents.

Here, I arrive at the end of this letter of news. The next one will come at the end of July.

Still a very large thank you to all the people who request for me and those which these the last two months helped me financially. It is a very great encouragement. Thank you for any heart.

Your brother and friend,

Myung Soo



Hello to you all.

I hope that during the summer, you had many moments of laughter, happiness, rest and pleasant meeting.

My health is very good. I’m fine, I’m practicing more sport, mostly MTB, it’s a good sport for my knee. I feel small pain rarely. During that summer, I even lost almost 9 pounds. I had a little belly, which I never in my life, which is almost dissolved. Financially, I do with what I get. I was a little negative this month, but a generous gift from North Ireland helped me to get out of this problem.

This summer was a little different from previous years. July and August were shared between France and Romania.

During the month of July, I went to France with my parents. My father has no longer the right to drive his car. He has memory loss and several other small problems that prevent him for being attentive while driving. My mother had health problems, heart, and She tired more quickly to physical stress. I was very happy to be one month with my parents. My father never went out of his apartment for several months, even almost two years. And so, with my mother, we tried to encourage my father to walk most often by the sea, so that it can take to taste walk, and to go out and do some exercise. He has 79 years and my mother 74. So every day, we made great ride. It is 38 years my parents go on holiday in Port-la-Nouvelle, Southern France. And since the holidays, my father is walking more often and goes out for shopping with my mother. They’re fine. I speak regularly with them, Skype Internet.

In August, missionary activities in Romania:

– From August 8 to 13, we organized a camp for 43 children and teenagers from disadvantaged families Romm (the official name for Gypsies). The camp was held in the village of Briheni. Because of our limited financial, we rented this holiday resort because the price of housing and three meals a day were in our budgets. One of the great problem is that we had 3 hours of electricity per day.  We get the electricity from a Diesel Generator. We were 12 leaders to guide and lead this camp. Although conditions were not very good, children and teens have had a very good camp. They all received new clothes, shoes and products for a good hygiene. These children come from two villages with a majority Romm, in the Bihor Province, 20 km from the city of Oradea. Rad family, parents and their five children (18 to 30 years old), care for them for many years.

Share the Gospel but also to live with these children 24/24 a week is an excellent opportunity to show them that being Christian is not a question of believing or not believing, but to live day to day relationship with God.

From August 17 to 21, I went to Bratasinca, a small village. A church has organized a music festival for sharing the Gospel. This church has many young peoples with big heart to share the Gospel in their village. This music festival is a different way to do it. This festival does not take place in the church but on the ground of the football village. And so people, children, youth and adults are more  easily see and hear the concerts – the animations and the gospel that is announced. In mid-November, I will go to that church for sharing how to organize better a week of sharing the Gospel for different age categories. This will be the basis for next festival in 2012.

From August 27 to September 4, with 12 young people from my church, Arad, we went to help our church planting in Bistret. With the help of the young Pastor Daniel ( he is pastor in the Church of Bailesti, 25 km from Bistret), but especially  many prayers, tensions and problems of the church is Bistret are flattened. And so since September, we can start to rebuild and reorganize the activities and projects for this church. During these 10 days we had between 35 and 45 children and teenagers from 6 to 15 years. The activities took place in the courtyard of the church and not on the field Foot of the village. On the football field, we would have had 150 children and teens a day. The problem is that the local church is not able to care for a large number of children after the departure of our team. These 40 children and teenagers who participated in the activities are regularly for almost four years. They are not afraid to come to church. Many  parents in the village does not give permission for their children and teens to come to participate in our activities if they are held in the church.

During the 10 days of the program, children and teenagers arrived at 11 am the morning and went away in 16 hours:

  •  First program, hygiene. All children and teens went through our bathroom and brush their teeth. Those whose clothes were too rooms or torn, we gave them new. A small team took care of hygiene and the others leaders took care animate little games until all children and teens are washed and clean.


  • Then we had our a Bible lecture with songs and Bible verses.
  • After a meal was prepared for each of them. We also ate with them after they have served.


  • Then we had a moment to learn new songs and a competition between girls and boys, questions and answers on the biblical story learned in the morning.


  • Then a time to do hand craft.


  • Then all the children and teens participated in a big game
  • During the breaks between activities, we had two trampolines, all the children and teens had fun.

– On September 16, concert of Cristi Cazacu in Arad. Cristi is a good friend of mine for over 10 years. He is a great musician. I helped organize his concert. During the concert he could share his faith, but also these high and down in his relationship with God.

– From September 22 to 24, in Brasov city, we get a meeting with 23 leaders to prepare meetings GLS (Global Leadership Sumit) in Romania. 4 years, a Romanian Mission Organization, BIG Romanian, holds conferences for peoples who have responsibilities in their churches. Since4 years, I help this organization. This year we will have 6 conferences from end of October to early December.

From September 30 to October 2, I go to Bistret with seven young people in my church. We continue working with children and teenagers. We will also have a large gathering, BBQ-Sports-Talk Games, among young people from Bistret village, from Bailesti village and us.

During the month of September until mid-October, I desired to go to South Korea. I could not because I had financial problems. Late June, I had very large expenses to repair my van. Several devices that I use for concerts and lectures are broken down and I had to buy new ones. But I hope to go in this

Winter 2012. Because at this time of year I do less because of very snowy weather conditions in Romania.

Upcoming events in 2011:

– From October 5 to 12, I’m going to Belgium to help my parents. I need to make some small jobs in their apartment.

– From October 14 to 15, I will help a great Christian friend to organize 20 years of his firm. During these 20 years, he tried to run his firm, more than 100 people in a Biblical way. He is really appreciated from all his employees whom are Christian or not.

– From October 21 to 22, large Pentecostal conference in Arad.

– From October 25 to 29, major national conference for leaders Church of Sovata.

– From November 03-06, GLS local conference in the city of Cluj.

– From November 10-13, GLS local conference in the city of Bucharest.

– From November 17-20, GLS local conference in the city of Craiova.

– From November 24-27, GLS local conference in the city of Hunedoara.

– From December 01-04, GLS local conference in the city of Timisoara.

– From December 15-18, mission team from my church to Bistret.

– From December 22-28, Christmas holidays with my parents.

That’s the end of my newsletter. I would also like to thank all people who support me in prayer and financially. Next Year, in 2012, I will celebrate my 20 years of mission in Romania. I hope with all my heart to throw a party to thank many people who supported me during these 20 years.

What motivated me the most since the 19 years here in Romania is the Love of God. Love is the strongest feeling that can motivate a person. I’m not ashamed to say I love God and I want to love more to be a better example. When we read the Bible, we get to know God and His love for us all.

I leave you these Bible verses that I love.

« For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and hope. Jeremiah 29: 11 « 

This verse was not written specifically for each of us, but for Israel, which in the Old Testament, were deported to Babylon. But this verse shows us God’s love for His people and He does not abandon these children.

As against the verses of John 3: 16 and 17 are for all of us. A future of hope and eternal life … … it is possible accepting the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for love of us.

« For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe on him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God sent not the Son into the world to judge the world; but that the world should be saved through him. John 3 :17-17 »

I leave you with these thoughts.

Your friend and brother in Christ

Myung Soo



Hello, my friends.

I think many of you see the holiday season approached to big step. Shops and streets are already lit up like fireworks.

For seven weeks, from mid-October until the first weekend of December, I helped organize a conference every week, in the four corners of Romania. More than 800 leaders from churches and Christian organizations came to be involved. We received very positive feedback. Many people have been positive affected by the messages very encouraging from all various speakers.

This week is a little quieter. But I have several important meetings for the future of YFC Romania. For several months, a family Franco-Romanian, JP and Ely are responsible for restructuring YFC Romania. But they have also a great ministry among the Gipsy community few kilometers from Targu Mures city. This week, we have established the objectives for 2012. In the spring 2012, we will employ a Romanian lady who will be responsible for administration, communication and mentoring teams of young volunteer for the weekend mission. This is a new beginning for YFC Romania. I think YFC Romania will be a good help for local churches seeking toward with teens and young Romanians. For many years I tried to do it by myself, but now is the time to create a team and be more effective. Together with JP and his family, Cornelia (theromanian lady) and YFC Europe and I, we can form a good team to help teens and young to know the wonderful message of the gospel. And as we approach Christmas, to help young peoples to answer this question  » Why did Jesus come to live among us? « .

Christmas is a time for reconciliation. For me, one of a answer to this question, the coming of Jesus Christ came to live among us there are over 2000 years is a tremendous message of hope for all of us. Firstly God has not forgotten us, His creation. Secondly, Jesus came to reconcile us with God. Christmas is the celebration par excellence of the family. All of us, we have dozens of examples of discord in families. What joy to see a father reconcile with his son, a mother talk with her daughter, a family broken is found around a table etc … But like any reconciliation, that brings great joy, it requires to make a self-examination
and sometimes sacrifices from us. Jesus, because He loves us so much, He came to live among us as simply as possible. He shared that each of us could be
reconcile with God. Self examination and sacrifice that Jesus made, is to give his life, on the cross for each of us. And me … what do I do? To this question all of us must respond personally. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness when there are reconciliation and unity in a family. There is always hope. Jesus, through is humble life, with lots of love, perseverance and righteousness for each of us, He shows us the path of reconciliation.

25 years … it’s not my age: o) … it’s not the time I have stay in Romania … this represents the number of years where I took responsibility to share the message of the Gospel. Six years as co-leader of the youth group in my Belgium church at Ans-Alleur. And 19 years as a missionary for Youth for Christ Romania.

Yesterday before going to sleep, I spent some time in prayer. And while praying and talking with God … I realized that during these 25 years, I have never been very comfortable to speak in public. The former group of youth from my Belgium church Ans-Alleur, remember the few times when I had to share a meditation. It was a disaster. I think even I could not understand what I meant. What was a bit odd if my desire was to become missionary and share the Gospel. But since 2011 this year, I realize I’m not any more stress when I have to speak in front of a large number of people or to share and defend my point of view. It is true that at 45 years old, it should be normal … but in all my life … 2 words can describe me are … listening and taking action. As this verse we find in Philippians 2:3, Insteadof being motivated by selfish ambition or vanity, each of you should, in humility, be moved to treat one another as more important than yourself.

So last night, at the end of my time sharing with God, I realized that during these 25 years, through my feet and my hands, with all my heart, I shared the Gospel. That during these 25 years, my mouth watch my feet, my hands and listened my heart to store enough words for sharing to young people how to serve God with humility. As… Jesus in the Bible, Philippians 2:5-8 You should have the same attitude toward one another that Christ Jesus had, who though he existed in the form of God did not regard equality with God as something to be grasped, but emptied himself by taking on the form of a slave, by looking like other men, and by sharing in human nature. He humbled himself, by becoming obedient to the point of death – even death on a cross!

I pray that the next 25 years of my missionary life, I will continue to listening others, to take action but also to teach young peoples and make them disciple of Christ.

Therefore, next year I will move to the south of Romania, Oltenia area, for a minimum of 4 years. For me, the area is the most difficult in Romania. Because it’s the poorest economically, socially, morally and spiritually, all of them. And also this is the most depressed area. There is a great lack of leaders. This area is large as half of Belgium. A square of 150 km by 150 km. One of my goals is to train young people and to bring churches more closer the one of the others . Thank you for praying for me, because it’s a big change in my life, I live in a village, far from the many modern facilities.

Upcoming events:

– December 10,  my church from Arad, we have our second baptismal service for the year 2011. 12 people will be baptized, mostly young peoples.

– Monday, December 12, in Timisoara, with the Christian choir, made of 80 university students from Timisoara, we will organized a Christmas concert.

– Wednesday, December 14, in Craiova, with a dozen university students from Craiova, we organize a big Christmas party. In program, a concert, games, entertainment and sharing the message of Christmas.

– From Friday to Saturday December 16 to 18, with four young couples and two other young people, we will go to our church planting in Bistret. The main purpose is to organize a Christmas party for children, teens and another party for youth from Bistret and Baiesti villages.

– Monday, December 19th, I will be Hateg I have a meeting with my good friend Mircica. He is the head of his church. Discussion of how to help the church, the youth group etc …

– Wednesday, December 21, our church organizes a Christmas concert at Arad.

– December 21, I will go to Belgium for Christmas time with my parents.

For Year  2012:

Pray for my next trip to Korea. I already bought my plane ticket. Starting January 25, 2012 and return March 14, 2012. Pray for me to I could meet as many peoples and churches interested in supporting me as a missionary here in Romania. A big thank you for your prayers.

This is the end of this long letter of news, even a big thank you all. Your support in prayer and financially makes a difference in my life but also in the lives of people with whom I am in contact.

I wish to end this letter by wishing you all of you a Merry Christmas. And with the warm love of one who came live among us, Jesus.

Big kiss to you all,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Myung Soo

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