Agenda 2015

1-31: In Belgium, my mother was at Hospital from December 30. And She pass away on January 23.
1-28: In Belgium to make all succession’s papers.
1-19: In Belgium to make all succession’s papers.
27: YFC Romania Staff Meeting
28: YFC Romania General Assembly
1-27: Visiting all YFC Romania Staff in their regions.
29-03: National Youth Girls and Ladies Conference. I help them technically.
11-15: YFC Romania Staff visit YFC Moldova Program. Sharing time and model ministries.
16: Youth Regional Meeting at Bratasanca
19-24: Helping YFC Oltenia to preparing a Day-Camp Camp in July.
1: Large picnic-barbecue with my church in forest. I make animation and sport activities.
5: Charity Concert for helping Disable youth peoples, in Arad city.
8-25: Preparing summer activities.
27: Wedding of Diu Bocsa, members of YFC Romania Board.
28-12: In Belgium for Evangelistic Activities at City of Liege, organize by YFC France.
14-27: In Calafat City, south of Romania, Campaign of Evangelization.
3-7: In Bratasanca City, Campaign of Evangelization.
8-9: In Bratasanca City, Music Gospel Festival.
18-22: In Prod Village, Camp for Youth Gipsy.
31-6: In Arad City, Campaign of Evangelization.
9-14: Disable Romania Wheelchair Basket Ball Team for a International Tournament in Bulgaria.
21-27: In Belgium for a Large Family Meeting.
30-4: YFC Romania Staff Meeting with the help of YFC Canada Staff.
28-31: GLS, Global Leader Summit at Oradea City.
3-7: Conference on Children Adoption in Romania, at Cluj City.
11-14: GLS, Global Leader Sumit at Cluj City.
18-21: GLS, Global Leader Sumit at Hateg City.
27: YFC Romania Board Meeting
10-11: YFC Romania Staff Meeting.
12: YFC Romania General Assembly.
19: Christmas Concert for youth in Hateg City
21-31: In Belgium for Christmas.

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