Agenda 2009

– Jannuary :

My annual month vacation for 2008

– February :

01-03 : Special meetings with English friends. We are preparring 3 summer camp for gipsy kids and youth.

16-22 : Ski camp in Romanian mountain with Students.  I broken my left CLAVICUL and my left KNEE … meniscus and all 3 ligaments For 2 weeks I was not able to move.

– March :

06-12 : Conference for 300 Church Leaders at Sovata.

14-31 : Two weeks in Belgium, for helping my parents to move in new flat.

– April :

03-11 : Berni (YFC Camberlay) and Mark (YFC Gillinham) both from British Youth For Christ  came to visit me. We are planing camp and Projectserve for summer 2009.

17-19 : Mission Week-End to Oltenia area, in a 2 years implanting church in Bistreti village, with 8 youth from my church.

23 : Go back to Belgium for my left knee surgery.

26-28 : Knee Surgery in Belgium Hospital. Cuting and moving my broken meniscus.

– Mai : 

01-25 : In Belgium. Recovering after surgery. I was able to walk with crutch after 10 days.

– June :

02-06 :  2 peoples from YFC Netherland came  to Romania to give us 12 computers.  They checked and fixed all of them and we have drived to 2 small villages in south of Romania Oltenia, Barzuica and Bistreti, where we will bring those computers.

19-27 : Mission Camp in Oltenia area, church of Bistreti village. It’s a church planting by a pastor missionary of our church. We went with 14 youth from my church Metanoia and 9 christians from Chicago Harvest Church

30-03 : Mission Camp for 20 gipsy, age 8-12 years old, from Gipsy Village Lazareni.

– July :

06-11 : Mission Camp for 25 gipsy, age 8-12 years old, from Gipsy Village Dumbrava.

13-17 : Mission Camp for 20 gipsy, age 13-16 years old, from Gipsy Village Dumbrava.

23-26 : Handi sport wheelchair competition in Galati.

23-30 : Mission Projectserve in Pecica, for youth adult orphan with some social problems, with 8 christians friends from Belgium, Luc Salsac pastor from Herstal church.

– August :

06 : Special day for gipsy familly from Lazareni. We show all pictures and movies from the July in Tauti Camp. We invated Childrens, youth and many parents.

08-16 : Musical festival Drumfest at Tauti camp.

19-23 : Mission camp with some youth and a family from the small church of Barzuica.

24-30 : Mission helping the small church in Barzuica.

– September :

02-06 : Helping the Romania national girls-ladies leaders anual conference in Brasov.

09-13 : Mission in Bistreti with 8 youth from our church.

14-26 : Travelling in Belgium and France with familly Rad (7 peoples)

– October :

01-05 : Handi sport wheelchair competition at Bucarest.

08-11 : Mission in Bistreti with 8 youth from our church.

18-23 : Conference National for 260 Church Leaders at Sovata about disciple ship.

27-31 : Conference local for Church Leaders in Cluj. Global leadership sumit

– November :

03-07 : Conference local for Church Leaders in Bucurest. Global leadership sumit

17-21 : Conference local for Church Leaders in Galati. Global leadership sumit

25-28 : Conference local for Church Leaders in Hunedoara. Global leadership sumit

– December : 

02-05 : Conference local for Church Leaders in Timisoara. Global leadership sumit.

06-09 : Youth For Christ Central Europe Leadership meeting.

14 : Christmas concert for university students of Timisoara.

18-21 : Mission in Bistreti with 16 youth from our church. Special Christmas time.

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