Noutăți 2009

Dear friends,

You received my last missionary letter a long time ago. I hope you accept my apology.

Another big thank you for your faithfulness to support me. Thank you wholeheartedly.

Here are my new circular letter :

The Lord gives strength to his people the Lord blesses his people and makes them happy. (The Bible, Psalm 29.11).

Why did I choose this verse:

The reason is that beginning in July 2009, at a summer camp, a Gypsy girl aged 12, named Vandana, came to ask me the question „why do you make us happy, why do you organize this camp for us. ” Vandana goes to school and she is the best student in her village of Lazareni. She has no father or mother. She lives with her grandmother, who loves her a lot, and 2 uncles with mental disabilities. All live in conditions of extreme poverty. Why do you make us happy? Vandana … has not had many opportunities to celebrate life. This is the first time that Vandana is participating in a camp with 25 other teenagers in her village, it’is a dream for her. She has received new clothes, she stayed in a small cottage very comfortable for 4 people, with a small bathroom, and above all she has stayed in a clean bed. She ate three times a day and has participated in numerous entertainments, but above all it has learned that God wants to make her happy.

I praise God that He allowed me to leave the orphanage, South Korea, and I was able to grow up in a family with lots of love and emotional conditions conducive to flourish. It allowed me to meet peoples who helped me to know who is truly God. I am really happy today. That’s why, for VandanaI, I would like to be one of those people that God places on his route so that I could share to here God’s happiness and His love.

Before you can read the summary of missionary activities in 2009, I would like to share some personal news.

– My family, my parents. For several years, almost 5 years, the health of my father is not very good, he became depressed. But the last few weeks her health has deteriorated. 3 weeks ago, he went to the hospital because he had great difficulty breathing. After several tests, the cardiologist found that his heart was working only 25 to 30% of capacity. My father hardly move because he is very weak physically. And he has constantly abdominal pain since December. Pray for him and my mother, who tries to cheer him up day after day. Today, February 24, after returning to the hospital 2 more times in February, he goes a little better. It moves more easily into the apartment. My knee surgery in January, you can read more in detail below, has allowed me to be with my parents in Belgium and so to help them in everyday life problem. My mother don’t drive and my father can’t do it too.

– My health. In February 2009, at the ski camp with university students in Romania, I made a serious fall. The meniscus and cruciate ligaments were broken. For over 2 months, I walked with crutches. There was no question of me operating in Romania. For the conditions of care are really insecure. I had surgery in Belgium early in May 2009, only the meniscus disk … so I can walk again without crutches, but can not run or play sports. I did not want it operates the cruciate ligament in May or even in 2009 because it takes between 3 and 6 months of recovery. So the missionary activities, Romania in 2009, have been compromised … summer camps were already all booked and ready. As well activities from September to December, my friends needed my help, I gave my promise.

So, January 8, 2010, in Belgium, I had surgery on ligaments that were cut. Why early January … for 2 reasons. The first, in winter and early spring, missionary activities are fewer. The second reason is that for several months, I thought to take a rest … This year, 2010, that makes 18 years that I’m in Romania. From 1992 to 1998, I was in Romania from 6 to 9 months per year, and the rest of the year, I worked in Belgium. And since 1999, live permanently in Romania. This ligament forces me to take several months of rehabilitation. My knee regain its mobility and strength after 6 months.

So, until June 2010, I am much lower my missionary activities. In March and April, I will return 2-3 weeks to help my church to Romania, which organizes concerts of praise and a large conference, with Ravi Zacharias, for 600 church leaders Romania. In May and June 2010, with God’s help, I will go to South Korea, to visit friends and churches who support me. Pray for this trip. May God help me meet new people, friends and church.

– – – In an overview, here is the agenda of activities in 2009 and missionary my site you will soon find the picture of activities in 2009.

Summary of missionary activities in 2009:

– In January:

This is the month where I took my vacation leave for the past year 2008.

– In February:

01-03: I have had friends from England who helped to sponsor 3 camps for teens and young Gypsies.

16-22: Ski Camp with 30 students from the University of Timisoara. The second day of skiing, I fell very ill and my meniscus and ligaments were broken. For 2 weeks I have been staying on bed. During 2 months I have walked with crutches.

– In March:

06-12: I helped organize a conference for 300 Romanian pastors and church leaders in Sovata city.

14-31: I went to Belgium to help my parents changed their apartment.

– In April:

03-11: Two friends, Mark and Berni, Youth for Christ England, came to visit me to discuss summer camps. They come with a youth team.

17-19: Weekend missionary trip, with 8 young peoples from my church Metanoia. We continue to support the establishment of a church in the village of Bistret in Oltenia.

23-28: I had surgery on my meniscus injury on my left knee.

– May:

01-31: 4 weeks of convalescence after my knee surgery.

– In June:

 02-06: 2 people, Youth for Christ Holland, came to provide 12 computers. After testing all the computers, we went in 2 villages where we give those computers.

19-27: A week of evangelism in the village of Bistret. We are pursuing the establishment of the church in this village. We were a team of 14 people from my church in Arad and 9 U.S..

– In July:

30-03: Summer Camp Tauti for 20 young gypsy village lazareni, aged 8-12 years.

06-11: Summer Camp Tauti for 25 young gypsy village Dumbrava, aged 8-12 years.

13-17: Summer Camp Tauti for 20 young gypsy village Dumbrava, aged 13-16 years.

23-26: basketball competitions for wheelchair user in the city of Galati.

23-30: 8 friends of the church of Herstal, Belgium, came to Romania in the village of Pecica to help build a center for disadvantaged people. I’ve been with them only 3 days.

– August:

06: In the village of Lazareni, we organized a meeting of projecting pictures and videos of summer camps. We asked teens, youth and their parents to come. Childrens, young peoples and parents were really happy.

08-16: I helped to organize the music festival, Drumfest. 37 musical groups had performance for 4 days and 900 people attended each day.

19-23: I organized the summer tent camp in the mountains, Baile Herculoane, for youth from Barzuica church (small village in south of Romania). This is the first camp that this new church has organised.

24-30: A Week of Evangelism in the village of Barzuica with the youth group, 9 young peoples, from a church from Hateg.

– September:

02-06: Annual Meeting of girls and women with a ministry in their local churches. 130 people attended the conference which was held in Brasov. The officials asked me to help to organize their conference.

09-13: Weekend missionary trip, with 8 young peoples from my church Metanoia. We continue to support the establishment of a church in the village of Bistret in Oltenia.

14-26: Trip to Belgium and France with the Rad family (parents and 5 children 16 to 28 years). It is a Lovely Romanian family living and sharing the gospel in the village of Gypsies Dumbrava since almost 7 years.

– In October:  

01-05: Competition for sports person in a wheelchair in the city of Bucharest.

08-11: Weekend missionary trip, with 8 young peoples from my church Metanoia. We continue to support the establishment of a church in the village of Bistret in Oltenia.

18-23: I helped organize the National Conference for 260 church leaders, pastors, mission leaders and youth leaders. This conference took place in Sovata. With a theme of discipleship.

27-31: With friends Brasov, we organized the logistics, technical part and the coordination of different teams for all regional conferences below. The topic was: another way of life in our local church. The first took place in the city of Cluj. 180 leaders of local churches attended. These conferences have been held as a video projection of the annual conference church at Willow Creek.

– November:

03-07: Second Regional Conference in Bucharest. 220 church leader participated.

09-12: Back in Belgium to the molding of my brace for my knee that I have to wear after my operation on my knee, January 8, 2010.

17-21: Third Regional Conference, in Galati. 160 church leader participated.

25-28: Fourth Regional Conference in Hunedoara. 170 church leader participated.

– In December:

02-05: Fifth regional conference in Timisoara. 180 church leader participated.

06-09: In the Czech Republic, Youth for Christ central Europe area meeting. It was nice to meet others leaders from several others countries where Youth For Christ share God’s word and His Love to young peoples.

14: With 110 Christian students, from University of Timisoara, we held a big Christmas concert at the University of Timisoara. More than 700 scholars and professors came to attend the concert.

16: Second Christmas concert in a small village near Timisoara.

18-21: Weekend missionary trip, with 8 young peoples from my church Metanoia. We continue to support the establishment of a church in the village of Bistret in Oltenia.  We also held a small Christmas concert hall in the cultural village. The room had no heating, it was -2 degrees. But 200 people came.

Here is a brief summary of activities 2009. Another big thank you to all who pray and support me. I still need your support, thank you for it for 2010.

That God’s Love and His peace, can make everyone happy to live with God. Your friend and brother in mission to Romania to serve, with your support, our Saviour God.

Very affectionately,

Myung Soo Merchie

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