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 News Letter 3/20013 from June to September

Hello from Romania,

I sincerely hope you had a great summer , with many opportunities to rejoice and relax. Here in Romania , my summer activities come to end this Sunday, September 8 . After a rest day on Monday , where I slept 12 hours, I start the preparations for the activities that will follow in October until the end of the year.

A few words from the Bible that I would like to share are: “… and three cords twisted together are not quickly broken “(Ecclesiastes 4:12 ) . During this summer, the fact of working in a team was a real encouragement. I had the help of many volunteers during the summer. It is true that we need help. In the past, I did a lot of things by myself and I had a lot stress. It is a blessing to be able to train and delegate responsibilities to younger.



MORAL. I have mixed feelings . I am very pleased that all missionary activities this summer have been really great. God has blessed beyond my expectations, the success of the five weeks of evangelization. I’m sad because my father’s health is not very good (Alzheimer’s for several years) and my mother also suffers so. I just spoke with my mother today,  and my father’s health is very variable from one day to another. There are other small family problems, as in many other families, but that makes me sad. What frustrates me is that I don’t know how to help my family … I’m just praying for them . Thank you also to pray for my family.

PHYSICAL. Ma physical health is very good. Even though I slept for 5 weeks this summer under a tent or in my van. Because during these weeks of evangelism in three villages and a town, I slept in a tent to keep all the sports and leisure equipment that we use.


ROBBERY. This summer, my bus was robbed twice, once in June in France and once in August in Slovakia. Thieves broke a window of the van and they took everything they could. In France , during the holidays of my parents, the damage was not too great. And second times in Slovakia, but the consequences were more important. With 3 adults and 5 teenagers who help me a lot in my missionary activities, we went to a music festival organized by YFC Slovakia. The van was parked in the courtyard of the Director of YFC Slovakia and our tents were 10 meters from the minibus. Last night, a thief broke the large side window of the van and steal a lot of things … 4 handbags of my two friends and two handbags from 2 teenagers. Also they steal my iPhone 3G ( 5 years old ) and my iPod (7 years old).

ACCIDENT . On the way back from Slovakia to Romania, overnight at 4 am , I hit a deer … several hundred pounds with a spped of ore than 90 km/h. Through the grace of God, I just kept control of the minibus and no one was injured. The front of the van was heavily damaged. We were 100 km from the destination, and thus a tow truck brought my minibus. It took a week to repair the minibus. A very good friend mechanic repaired the damage by finding second hands large pieces.


All these special events and five weeks of evangelistic activity has cost me a lot. Thank you to pray for me to cope financially.


From July 11 to September 8 , I coordinated five weeks of evangelism in the villages of Bratasanca (with 5 volunteers), at Dumbrava (11 volunteers), at Rast (two weeks with 7 volunteers) and in the city of Arad (24 volunteers). In the three villages we worked in collaboration with the local church. And in the city of Arad, we had young volunteers from several churches. During those five weeks , the principle was the same. We presented the Gospel through Bible club, but also sports, games, crafts and some Christians movies with concerts ( Bratasanca and Arad ). We began activities at 10:30 in Arad, at 11:00 Dumbrava, at 14:00 to Bratansaca and 16:00 Rast, and finished program with a Christian movie around 22:00 except at Dumbrava (end 19:00). In the village of Rast we started later, because it was very hot during the day 35 ° C average. At Rast, for two weeks, we serve between 50 to 60 hot meals a day to childrens. The number of participants from 8 to 16 years vary greatly depending on location and days. At Bratasanca, we started with 35 and finished with 75. At Dumbrava, we started with 50 and finished with 80. At Rast with 60 and finished with 85. And Arad, we started with 100 and ended with 150

One week day camp is a good way to present the Gospel. For over a week through many different activities throughout the day , we can have very good contact with young people to explain the Gospel. But also young people can see how we live our Christian faith everyday.


From September 16 to 21, I have a week of meetings with officials of Romania JPC to structure our mission and our planning.
From September 23 to 30, I will move to another apartment. Smaller but warmer for winter.
From October 4 to 28, I’ll be in Belgium, France and Switzerland, with two Romanians (parents Rad) to seek financial support for them. They take care of our missionary center in the village of Dumbrava.
From October 24 to 27 in the city of Cluj ,

from November 7 to 10 in the city of Bucharest, from 14 to 17 November in the city of Craiova, 21 to 24 November in the city of Deva and from 5 to 8 December in the Timisoara , I’m in the organizing team meetings for church leaders ( GLS, Global Leadership Summit) .

Another big thank you to you who support me in prayer and financially.

“And all things, whatever you make request for in prayer, having faith, you will get.” (Matthew 21:22)

Your friend, Myung Soo


News Letter 2/2013 – From May to June 2013

Hello, my friends, you who support me for a long time,We are finally in summer … the heat here in Romania reminds us that spring was very cold, but all of that are bad memories now.

These past three weeks, I went to accompany my parents in the south of France for their holidays, by the sea Mediterranean. The sun was present but the wind was blowing at over 70 km / h. So we have not been able to really enjoy the sea and the beach. In addition, the health of my father, who is 81 years old, was not good. Their legs were very weak and he had great difficulty walking. My mother takes care of my father very well, it takes a lot of patience because he has Alzheimer’s disease for several years. I try to help as I can and spend time with them. Because I really love my parents. God could not find a better family to me.

I ask you to pray for their physical, moral and spiritual health. Because my mother had also problems with her heart. My first brother is also in a special center to take care for his alcoholic problem. Thank you all to pray for them.

My personal news:

I’m still healthy. During the three weeks with my parents in France, I took the opportunity to do three hours of biking every morning from 9am to 12pm … in general. With the various camps this summer, I need good health. My mother called me last night and my father’s health is not very good. This is true as I’m concerned.

Several people have donated food or money to the various camps. I was very encouraged. A big thank you to them. Thank you also to you who pray for these young people who will participate in these camps.


I’m starting with a good news, with Rad Romanian family and myself, we took over the missionary center in the Gypsy village Dumbrava (photos below). For several months we start some mission activities but without knowing for sure if we were going to manage the center by ourselves. Early June last month, we signed the papers with the former leaders of the missionary center. They gave us all buildings, five in all, and a plot of 5000 m2. Pray that we have the wisdom to manage the property that we could use to help hundreds of people in this village Dumbrava. Since March of this year, four teachers taught 80 children in our church during the week because the church was the village school until June 15. The school will start in next September. In addition, we renovate a room for a doctor to visit the village people two times a week. Every Sunday afternoon, Lavinia and friend take care of two clubs for children and teens.

On the end of July we organize a day camp for a week in this village. In May, in the village of St. Augustine, we have organized a week of activities for teenagers and young people. During the day, we had workshops like the circus juggling, mime, music lessons and sport. And every evening we organized concerts music. It was a artistic week for young people, mainly ethnic gypsy could hear the gospel in an artistic context where they are very talented. The last night all the young peoples showed what they had learned. It was a great evening of sharing.

End of May, I went a week with the team Basketball Wheelchairs in Constanta. It was another opportunity for me to share the gospel. During this week, more than 200 people in wheelchairs were present.

In June, I went for a week in the Czech Republic to European YFC centre. Every 3 years, all those responsible of each YFC Europe, Middle East and North Africa countries, we gather for a time of sharing and encouragement. We were more than 80 leaders and we had great time-sharing and God has really blessed each of us.

Our missionary team becomes more cohesive. We learn to work together. Even though we are in four different regions.


Pray for these camps where hundreds of teens and young people will participate. Pray they could be reconciled with God (2 Corinthians 5:18-19).

11 to 19: 2 nights and 5 days of concerts biblical and sports camps in the village of Bratansanca (VBS).
27 to 01: six days of biblical and sports camps in the village of Dumbrava (VBS).

9 to 11: 3 days of preparation for the two camping camps.
12 to 18: first camping camp for 20 young people.
19 to 25: second camping camp for 30 young people.

For these two camps, we must build four toilets and six showers. The place for camping camps is just a empty field near a forest close to Danube river.

1 to 8: 7 days of biblical and sports day camp in the city of Arad (VBS). In the main park in downtown.
16 to 20: YFC Romania meeting team-mates for an evaluation of our missionary work.

A big thank you for your prayers and financial support. All these projects become reality through because each of you.

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