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Hello to you all,

In 10 days we will celebrate Christmas. Here in Romania this Christmas will be a very cold one with a lot of snow. I do not know if it was that coldwhen Jesus came on Earth. Usualy Israel is associated with sun and high heat. If you have watched the news this week, you have see that in Middle East with snowed and Israel also.

Christmas is a time of year when many people are more willing to do good work, to visit isolated individuals, to give food people with hunger, provide shelter to homeless etc.. Christmas is God sending us Jesus to Earth so that children, women and men are cured of the most serious disease that mankind has ever known, the Sin. What is Sin? One definition of sin that comes to my mind would mean any action that prevents two people thought to live in peace. If sin did not exist, we would not fear that you can read our thoughts. When God created man, they lived together in peace, confidence without a shadow of fear or apprehension. And Man has disobeyed a Recommendation of God, and this is the first sin that appears. It’s like a virus, an epidemic that is spread from generation to generation, and condemn Man has no longer live in the presence of God, but be separated from Him. If the story ended here it would be a very sad story … but the Bible tells us in the Gospel of John:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life. God, indeed, sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. “

This promise of God is the Christmas message for all those who wish really give meaning to their lives. But mostly a day of power live at peace with God for a long, long time. All we have at least an extraordinary memory, a moment or an event we were very very happy … with a person who loved us and who loves us. Life eternal with God is like living that moment again and again … and much more Intense without ever getting tired.

Personal news,

– In early December, I learned that our organization Youth for Christ Romania had to pay 1300 Euro for municipal tax. A fee for the building location our office, and a tax on waste (garbage). Not to be too long, I tell you that the main. I went to several offices administration with the help of our accountant from our church. We met the director of tax administration which initially did not want us make a gift. But gradually during our conversation, he started change of attitude and after 20 minutes, we were freed from the tax of waste, an amount of 950 Euros. This is a very nice gift … Christmas. Thank you to God for his help and answers to prayers.

– After 12 months of my surgery cruciate ligaments in my knee, I can resort and do some sport. I bike and ATV. My general health is good. Generally, in early winter I often have sore throats. But this year, I have and I continue to eat much honey as one of my friends gives me at a great price.

Report missionary activities, you can see on my calendar 2010 all activities from September to December. I would speak more in detail of 2 of these activities.

– Our church planting to Bistret.

Friday 17 December  with 16 young people from my church, we went to organize the Christmas party in our church planting in the village of Bistret. It is more 450 km from home. On Saturday, we organized several activities for children and teenagers and then young people. we also had a distribution gifts for children and teens. On Sunday we held the hall of the village, our Christmas show. The room was not heated, the temperature had approached 0° C. But more than 200 people came. For 4 years we have helped this church planting and this once me with a youth team. Bistret is a village with a majority people of ethnic Roma (Gypsy). In 4 years, thirty adults, youth and of teenagers involved in activities from week to week. During the summer, we organize two weeks of vacation a day when hundreds of children, teens and youth are involved. For teens and young regular, we send them to camps to meet other teens and young provinces different.

– GLS, training for church leaders and missionary activities.

Since mid-October until the first week of December, I was very busy through training for those responsible for various activities in the church or Christian association. This training (GLS: Global Leadership summit) initiated by the American pastor, Bill Hybels of Willowcreek Church. GLS Romania is composed of 4 elements important for 2 days: – first one video projection of a very good speaker usually between 6-8 – secondly, discussion, analysis and sharing in the group after each screening – thirdly, a very good group of praise and fourthly, a decoration, a sound and lights giving a warm atmosphere. This year, 1100 responsible for various activities in their churches came to attend these formations. In addition, this year we had 2 very good Romanian pastors who came to complete these courses.

On Monday, December 20, I went to Belgium to spend the Christmas and New Year with my parents. 2 months ago, my mother had a heart problem. She was operated 2 times. Now she is better but it is faster fatigued at the slightest physical activity. The health of my father is stable. He still problems with regard to his memory, but physically it is well.




Hello to you all

Today I just finished reread 1 Corinthians. And here’s a verse that caught my attention:

“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, working better at the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil  is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

When I’m watching television, one of the topics is the issue of pensions. Many people have worked for decades with the hope of having a decent retirement, and enjoy life after work. The global financial crisis has affected many people, especially in Western countries and industrialized countries. Effects was more little in poor countries like here in Romania, I see so many peoples who try to survive from one day to another. For them retirement, the pension is a topic that does not make sense. What or to whom are we trusting ? For years, I am also confronted with this question of my retirement. What should I do? There are over 4 years, I bought land here in Romania at 10 km from my home town of Arad, with the money my parents and my godmother gave me. I’m trying for several years to build a house for to have something when I will be in retirement. For the moment I failed to build, but I do not lose hope. For the words of God comfort me, “Therefore I tell you: Do not worry about your life, what you eat or about your body, what ye shall put on. Life Is not more than food, and the body more than clothing? Behold the fowls of heaven: they neither sow nor reap, they gather nothing into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are ye not much better than they? “(Matthew 6 :25-26)

For 18 years I am in Romania as a missionary, I always had enough food, clothes and shelter to sleep. Because God is faithful in these promises and He has led many individuals and churches who support me financially since those long years to work on the Lord’s work, as it says in the verses above. And I know that tomorrow, the days after and during my retirement, God will always be watching over me. Also a big thank you to everyone who helped me, helps me and will do so in the years to come.

Personal News:

– Early this year, January 7, I had surgery on my left knee for the second time in Belgium. My 2 cruciate ligaments were severed. I had to substantially reduce my missionary activities in Romania. I stayed 4 months with my parents in Belgium. I took 8 pounds since I took during those months of good cooking from my mother. These 4 months were also a time where I could help my parents. The health of my father was not very good and my mother needed help. I am very happy to have help and be with them in these difficult times. In the past and even now, my parents have always been there to help me and support me. I thank them for always show their love for me. God truly blessed me by allowing me to have been adopted by them. They are and will remain for me like parents’ models. If I have a family one day, I learned a lot from how to love my children.

– Physically and spiritually, I’m fine. I still have not recovered 100% of my mobility, I do not know yet run but I walk again properly. I also lost almost 8 pounds that I had in Belgium. I have more good meals for my mother.

– Pray also for the coming months. I’ll be all over Romania on 14 October until 19 December.

– Pray for the preparations for my trip to South Korea in late June to early March. I am no longer went for 3 years. I would like to visit the Korean peoples and churches who support me for years. A big thank you.

A big thank you to you who support me in prayer and financially. It is truly a privilege to work at the Lord’s work full time.

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