Agenda 2018


14-18 : Ski Camp Youth

19-20 : YFC Romania Board Meeting

30-Feb.1 : YFC Romania Staff Meeting


5-10 : Ski Camp Teenagers

12-15 : Organizing National Christian Music Festival in the Black See at Constanta with 8 church’s Leaders

24 : Sport day in my Church


12-17 : YFC Central European Meetings for Leaders

21-24 : Global Leaders ship Summit for Church Leaders in city of Cluj


31 : YFC Romania General Assembly si Board Meeting


22-26 : Helping Organize The National Conference for Pentecostal Churches

28 : Organizing games and sports for our Annual Pic Nic for our Church (600 peoples)


1 : Sport Day for teenagers from our church

6 : YFC Romania Board Meeting

8-10 : YFC Romania Staff Meeting

11-14 : Program for peoples from Adeconi Company (250 peoples)

15-20 : Day Camp at Bratasanca

23 : Garage Sale in our Church. I organize Sport Program.

25-30 : Gipsy Camp for Teenagers from Lazareni village


2-7 : Teenagers Camp from Hateg Church

9-15 : Helping Young Missionary Couple from Australia, Mark and Adriana

16-27 : Evangelizing program with youth from YFC France in Augustin village, Gipsy program


29 Juillet-5 Août : A Korean Couple from Light Salt Church from Seoul is coming to visit Romania and YFC Romania

6-10 : Camp for teenagers with Physical and Mental Disabilities

20-26 : Helping to Organize “Blach Sea Christian Music Festival” at Constanta

30-31 : Sport Program for teenagers in the Church at Oradea City


9 : Sports and games for teenagers and parents at Hateg City

14-16 : Church Camp in Belgium with the church from Herstal city


13 : YFC Romania Board Meeting

19-21 : Christian Concert for peoples from Adeconi Company (200 peoples)


7-10 : National Conference ARFO, for NGO involve in the work with Orphan

19-21 : YFC Romania Staff Meeting

27-01: A Belgium Couple, Alex and Stef, is visiting me for helping me on the renovation of our YFC Romania National Office


20-25 : Christmas time with Hamush family. They adopted 4 gipsy Children

26-29 : Sharing time with Church from Hateg

31-03 : New year Camp with youth from Hateg

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