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Youth For Christ is reaching young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and to prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ and commitment to social involvement.

YFC began in 1944 when a group of Chicago evangelists shared their vision to reach teenagers with the Gospel. Currently, nearly 1500 adults are working in YFC ministries in nearly 200 local chapters across the United States. These staff members, together with 7500 volunteer workers and board members, are reaching out to lost teenagers in 1240 communities nationwide.

YFC, which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has chartered ministries in 120 other countries of the world. Overseas activities are directed by national leadership teams in each country.


In 1991, Mark Montgomery, as members of European YFC, made first contact among Romanian Churches. He had good contacts with Romanian pastors and youth leaders. 

In 1992 February, Mark Montgomery and I, we went for 2 weeks to visit churches and youth groups in Romania. At the end of those 2 weeks, Mark Montgomery asked me to start the evangelism ministry of YfC in Romania. 

In 1993, I moved in Romania as YFC missionary in the city of Arad. This was a challenge for me to start YFC ministries from Zero.  I had no colleagues from abroad, all my contacts were Romanians peoples. So I had to learning Romanian language, it was a big priority.

I prayed and prayed, since starting up a mission from nothing is not evident, and I needed God’s wisdom. By God grace, He leaded me to some young pastors who shared the same vision in bringing the Gospel to the youth in Romania.

The first ministry of YFC Romania in collaboration with local churches was to mobilize hundreds of young peoples to pray in triplet group for the young generation people in Romania. We have a very practical prayer triplet  programme that helps youth to commit their non-Christians friends to the Lord in prayer on a weekly basis. 

The first 12 years, I went back to Belgium, 2-4 months a year, for working in fast food Quick and in a swimming pool. Because I didn’t found enough financial support to stay the rest of the year in Romania and pay mission ministries cost. 

Youth for Christ Romania is leading youth christian to share the Gospel to non-Christian youth, to create opportunities and situations in which non-Christian youngsters are confronted with the Gospel.

From 1993 to 2007

I was the only full time worker. I had several volunteers mainly in Arad, Zalau, Timisoara and Hateg.
– Evodia Budai (she was only part time worker with YFC Romania) and Lajos (pastor) Budai, was leading YFC ministries among Hungarian youth in Odorhei Secuiesc, Zalau and all over country. They was leading many youth clubs and discipleship trainings as well prayer triple groups.
– Claudia Ghinescu (doctor) and Stefan Ghinescu (Pastor) was leading discipleship groups in many villages in south Romania. 

– Evodia and Claudia, they are helping me since the beginning of YFC Romania in 1993. They started first prayer groups.
– Fane Pais, Stefan Frents, Dan Ivanc and Flavius Bocsa, they was leading a group of around 100 Christians students in Timisoara. Once a month, all this groups, we went in south of Romania (Oltenia Area) for sharing the Gospel with the local very small churches, in Orthodox Area.

Our ministries was to organizing music concerts, sport events, social projects and leading Sunday church services. 

-Many mission youth groups from around Europe (Danemark, France, Belgium, Germany and England) and USA, came to help YFC Romania ministries.

-YFC Romania registered in 1997 as a N.G.O.

From 2007 to 2018

-Jp Longeron came to work for YFC Romania. He really started to develop YFC Romania Staff. He has so many gifs that I don’t have for building a team. 

-3 Romanians families (Grancea, Mihalache and Schuller) are now full time workers with YFC Romania, plus Longeron Family and me.

-we have somme good peoples as Board Members in YFC Romania, family Simona BENEA, family Hamusih Walid and Lavinia, family Loczi Edi and Medana and family Galea Cristi and Monica.

-With Luca pais, we have started sport mission with physical disable young peoples.


Current activities of YFC Romania:

-We have groups of children, teens and young people weekly
-Several ministry of evangelization through sport (mobile cage, mobile climbing wall, mobile zip line)
-A national music festival
-Summer and winter camps (about 10 to 13 per year)
-Conferences (we participate with other organizations in the formation of Church leaders and also encourage the adoption of Romanian orphaned children by Christian families)

We share the Gospel in the 3 main communities in Romania that are Romanians, Hungarians and Gypsies.

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