January – February

Topics, YFC Romania Mission (www.yfc.ro):

April :

1) Preparations for all 8 summer Camp all over Romania.

2) Preparation for our Music Festival in Targu Mures in August.

February :

1) That God changes lives of young people through our ministries

2) Perseverance in proclaiming the Gospel to young people every week

3) Good collaboration between all Team’s Members

(Fam Grancea, Fam Mihalache, Fam. Schuller, Fam. Longeron and me. www.yfc.ro)

4) The board of directors of YFC Romania lead with wisdom
(Fam Benea Simona, Fam Hamidh Walid and Lavina, Fam Loci Edi)

5) We need 3 more peoples for the board of directors of YFC Romania

6) Find more financial support for the 3 Romanian families of our team.
(for now they have an average of 400 Euros, on January 2019)

7) On 16 February, we have our annual General Assembly of YFC Romania. We have a very IMPORTANT decision to make about to buy or not a Christian Camp (250 places). It’s in a good condition. A mission couple from Holland stated that camp 20 years ago and make 2.500.000 € of investment. The dutch couple are close of 75 years old and want to cell, for good price, to a Romanian Christian Organization to keep going Christian Camp. The price is 1.000.000 €. It’s a good deal but still a lot of money. Please pray that, YFC Romania Board people, we could have wisdom for taking the decision or not to buy it. Thank you to be with us in prayers.

Personal prayers topics :


1) I am visiting 3 churches in Belgium and good friends, sharing mission work. Pray for good contacts with them.

2) I am visiting my sister and 2 brothers and as well my Belgium relatives (Non Christians). Pray for good fellowship.

3) Pray for good health. Now I am good. No stomach problems.


1) From January 11th to March 11th I am in South Korea:

-Pray for my good relations and continuity with the churches that have been supporting me for several years (9 churches)
-Pray that others Korean churches could support me financially and in prayer.
-Pray that I could find people who helps me to finish to pay my minibus of 9 seats, buy in 2015. The price of 22.000 Euros, I already refunded 10.800 Euros, in this past 4 years. So I have to pay 11,200 Euros more. Small monthly donations are welcome. A very good Christian friend Romanian, businessman, borrowed me the 22.000 Euros for the purchase and I repay to him little by little, without interest.

2) I could find all the passion and motivation, which I lost enough in 2018, to be a faithful witness of our Lord.

3) In 2019, I will move from Arad to Hateg area.

4) For the preparation of activities that will take place in March and April (go to my web page: AGENDA 2019)

Thank you for your prayers and financial support

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