Agenda 2019

January to March

January 11 to March 11, I am in South Korea to visit churches and friends.


13-16: Organizing the Global Leadership summit in the City of Cluj.

25-03: Youth for Christ Canada send a youth team in Romania at Augustin, Gipsy ministry.


  • All April month, I will be in Belgium , visiting 3 churches and friends to share for YFC Romania ministries

15-21: A Day Camp Evangelizing for Kids and Teenagers in Belgium in the city of Herstal.


  • Porta Oilor Camp (checking all papers and financials papers for the possibility that YFC Romania could buy this Christian Camp)
  • Update our YFC Romania Association papers (New board members)
  • Moving our National YFC Romania office to a new location area in Arad City

25: YFC Ro Board Meeting at Dumbrava village

31: Christian Jazz Concert at Brasov city


  • I will start to move from Arad City to Hateg small City (250 Km from Arad, near Deva and Hunedoara big City)

1-21: Belgium family in Romania

14-15 : YFC Ro Staff meeting

16-19: Teenagers Gipsy camp from Caleb village to Suncuius Christian Camp.


1-6: Camp Teenagers from Hateg.

8-13: Day Camp at Bratasanca.

15-20: Camp Youth from Augustin.

24-31: Day Camp at Augustin with a Team from YFC France.


7-13: YFC Ro Music Festival at Targu Mures

16-19: Day camp at Bratasanca


4-8: YFC Ro staff and Board camp at Poarta Oilor






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